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The Chapel on TV!

In February 2020, the chapel was featured on Bargain Hunt, the BBC programme where contestants try to make a profit on second hand goods bought in an antiques market. One of the features of the programme is to visit nearby places of historical interest. Julie Clark, Chair of Trustees, spoke to the presenter about the Chapel. In the same month, it was included on Songs of Praise, also BBC, in a programme which featured worship and sites with religious connections ranged across a variety of locations. The programme includes interviews with local schoolchildren, from St Mary's Primary and St John Fisher Secondary Schools, and with Natalie and Chris Maunder, Trustees.

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The chapel re-opened on the 29th May 2022 and we are enjoying receiving visitors again. The site looks fantastic with the new wall in place. It is also much safer.

The Chapel will be closed for the reconstruction of the boundary wall along Abbey Road. The work is scheduled to begin on the weekend of April 8th-11th. The expected completion date for the work is ar

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