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Knaresborough in Bloom!

We have a prize winning garden outside the Chapel. This consists of two parts: the garden with plants associated with Our Lady and the Saints, on the right you go up, and the garden with healing plants on the left. You will also see roses in the chapel grounds, and near to the top is a set of plaques commemorating people purchased by those who wish to remember them, each one connected with a rose bush.

Knaresborough is a town of flowers and natural beauty. See the 'Knaresborough in Bloom' website at:

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The chapel re-opened on the 29th May 2022 and we are enjoying receiving visitors again. The site looks fantastic with the new wall in place. It is also much safer.

The Chapel will be closed for the reconstruction of the boundary wall along Abbey Road. The work is scheduled to begin on the weekend of April 8th-11th. The expected completion date for the work is ar

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